Mothers Day Giveaway

In honor Mothers Day we are having a surprise giveaway 🙂

The item pictured below is not the giveaway but we will be giving away a surprise bundle of goodies 🙂

To enter to win the giveaway please comment your favorite mothers day memory OR your favorite sewing pattern or project 🙂 Or tell us both!

Giveaway will end Monday, May 9th at 6pm.



20 thoughts on “Mothers Day Giveaway

  1. Having Mother’s Day brunch on the beach and giving her a ticket to visit my brother. She was overwhelmed and cried she ended up returning the ticket and driving the whole family to see my brother. She was that way always and I love her

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    1. Mother’s Day–cutting all the flowers in the garden to give to my Mother–great thought, except that in Colorado flowers in May are a rare treat in the yard and everyone in the neighborhood thought we had had a flower thief.

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  2. My favorite Mothers Day was my first one in 2004- after adopting a son and daughter from Russia- spent the day with our “mentor” family who had adopted 2 children the year before from same orphanage. That was the first day that the kids were together since the orphanage- and a very blessed day!

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  3. I remember my mom sewing on a old hand crank machine (no electricity) she was making my sisters and I the same pink dress that had fuzzy flowers (I still have a small piece of the fabric) and wishing now that I was able to keep the old sewing machine. I Love that I had made my 4 children baby quilts and other blankets

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  4. My mom is the most beautiful women I know. She has a generous heart that is always willing to give. She raised 5 crazy kiddos with such grace. Rhoda Kohl is a saint! My favorite memory of her…I might have to share my favorites 🙂 Can’t just pick one.
    1) We were doing the loop (In Bethel we have a main highway that was a loop around town) and my mom stopped and yelled “Japanese Fire Drill!” We all jumped out of the car and ran around it. I was a rainy day and she added sunshine at that moment. That’s my funniest mom memory, she is not only so kind but so fun.
    2) My dad had just caught tons of salmon one summer day, he had to work so my mom went to our backyard to finish cutting the fish when a freak thunder and lightening storm started. My mom in all her fierceness was determined to finish taking care of the fish and get them hung to dry. My child eyes saw my mom come close to getting struck by lightening I yelled and banged on the window “Mom! get inside!” It was like I knew her thoughts of “I’m almost finished.” So I ran out there and helped her get them hung so my mom can be safe and sound inside. I remember feeling so big but I also remember thinking how strong my mom is.
    3) I call my mom master celebrator because she truly is. She loves to celebrate people and significant times. She is an awesome cook everyone in town knows this – My dad picked his wife well 🙂 So that is what my mom does she celebrates people and makes their bellies happy. When I think of my mom I think of her most happy in the kitchen doing what she loves for all the people that she loves.
    4) Grandma(Ahna) – my mom came to Fairbanks when her first grandbaby was born on the first night home Hank in all his baby stubbornness woke me up at 2am not wanting to eat but wanting to cry and let the world know he’s here ready to start life. My mom gently took him from me to love on her grandbaby and told him “Be nice to your momma, Hank. Like magic he stopped crying. He was just being a buster! Didn’t know babies could do that! My mom is one amazing women! She is fierce and gentle all in one.
    5) My mom the wife – I can’t even talk about this without tearing up. Her love for her husband is something out of this world. She loves him in his grumpy “Kohl” moments. She cares for him always. My dad had a massive heart attack last September. He is also amazing and strong he recovered like a champ, I think a big part of that was the love and prayers my mom covered him with. Together my mom and dad are a stellar team. They are human like us all but they see perfect. My mom is a praying Christian woman and has taught me how to love, how to forgive, and how to be the mom I am today. Thank you Mom for all the fun memories, for your constant care, how you always have my back, and for your endless prayers for us. You are beautiful ❤

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  5. A favorite project, a quilt I made for my mother-law. When she passed away I got the quilt back. It was made from blocks that were hand painted by me. I’m recycling them now on various projects. Think of her every time I work on one, she was a kind, loving, and gracious woman.

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  6. I think my favorite Mother’s Day memories has to be the adorable handmade cards and projects my kids brought home. One of the best ones is a book Henry made and he was suppose to write and draw pictures, The best one was : The funniest thing about my Mom is : When she gets mad! and it was the best mad face! Always thankful he thought it was the funniest thing about his mom! Cracks me up to this very day! Love my children! Best thing that every happened to me.

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  7. My mom taught me to sew with a needle and thread by hand; the same way she made my school clothes and special dresses. My first project was a green skirt. I wore it about once a week the whole year of fifth grade. She is almost eighty now, and I’ve been making her a new quilt every few years, much to her delight.

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  8. best mother’s day … long ago on a pleasant spring morning, we gathered up family and friends [our three young kids, visiting brother-in-law and wife, elderly neighbors with no close family, a couple of neighbor kids at loose ends] and took everyone [in our easter finery] to our fav restaurant’s easter brunch. we had such a nice time eating and visiting, eating and laughing, for several hours. finally we got up to leave, waddled out … to 5 or 6 inches of fresh snow! when it’s springtime in Alaska …

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  9. One of my favorite memories with my mother was her teaching me to sew in 5th grade It was culottes, my mom let me pick out the material and pattern. I was so proud of what she had help me sew. I believe I wore that outfit out. Now I sew for my grandchildren

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  10. My favorite Mom and quilts story: a few years ago at Christmas time when I was visiting my parents at my quiling sister’s house, we were getting my yards of
    fabrics ready to cut. My mother was sitting in the rocking chair watching two of her daughters working joyfully together on this mysterious process called quilting. She picked up the yards of fabric and draped them around her shoulders and snuggled into it just rocking and watching. I commented to her that my soon to be quilt would now always be filled with ‘Mom hugs’ that I could wrap myself in for years and years.
    A few weeks later my mother passed peacefully away from this earth and on to heaven. But, whenever I see that quilt or wrap up in it, I know her arms are in there hugging me and rocking me and being joyful at the mysterious process of quilting.

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  11. Please meet my mom, Madeline Mae Duncan, who left this earth in 2014 at age 87. I made this simple quilt for her to honor her family. It’s an Eleanor Burns pattern called Four Sisters, which I made since she was one of four girls, raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. My mom sewed everything imaginable but never made quilts. She was so happy to have this quilt and displayed it on her wall where she and my dad, her husband of 66 years lived at the end of their lives. Even though mom only had this quilt for one year, it brought us both great joy. I now have it hanging with this photo beside it. I will never forget the love, generosity, caring and joy that my mom had and spilled over to others. I’m so happy to have had her all those years. I’ll sure miss spoiling her on Mother’s Day this year. Thanks for letting me share my mom with you. Wendy Fisher of Funny River, AK.

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  12. Made a pieced quilt for my moms bed – she loved it – especially the back!!! She liked the fabric I chose so much she used it that way half the time!!!!
    Jan Holland

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    1. Congratulations Jessie you are the winner of the Mothers Day Goodie Bag! I will post a picture of what you have won!


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